Week 24: Overview

When reading this week’s assignment from the Master Key, I can see different excepts from the previous weeks’ lesson. How appropriate as we come tho the end of this training, but the commencement of becoming self-directed.

Everyone on this journey is in a different place, at a different level, yet we have so much to learn.

We are all heroes and we proved that to ourselves by sticking it out even during the tough times.

Regardless of how we fell along the path, the fact that we reached this point is proof of the greatness within each of us.

Let’s see what we can manifest during our time of self-directedness.

We’ve only just began to shine.


Week 23: Emotions and Self Reliance

At first glance mastering my emotions and becoming self reliant did not seem connected but after a few more reads and sits I can see the connection.

Some people use their emotions to manipulate and control others, wallow in self pity and gain attention. These are tools that are wielded to get their way and they do do not understand that using that weapon is a sign of their dependent nature.

Everyone has negative emotions and they are positive ways to handle them as laid out in OG.

The biggest challenge for the self reliant person maybe the reluctance to ask for help when it is truly needed. There can be a very delicate balance between self reliance and arrogance, the “I got this” syndrome.

We are here to help each other, and this Master Key Experience has emphasized the need to be part of a mastermind group.

I had limited the activity of masterminding to my business, but now I see all the ways I mastermind with others on a daily basis. This jumped out at me when the cashier and I were trying to resolve an issue about the pricing of some items. We both wanted the price to be right. We both offered suggestions. We both remained calm and pleasant  and came up with the solution that was a win for me, a win for her, and a win for the company.

I believe that as I continue to see masterminding from a different perspective, it will keep me open to receiving the help I need in more complex areas.

Week 22: In The Silence

I accepted the invitation to go into the silence. I started on a Tuesday at 6 pm and ended officially at 6 am on the Sunday, although I did not start talking until 10 am. The timing was perfect for me, so I decided to “do it now”. Amazing how that sentence pops up all over the place.

The brain chatter was not as bad as I expected it to be, but it was still there. I became a great observer and just watched, listened and let it pass.

I made several discoveries and will share a few here”

  1. Gifts and talents are not always major things. Some of the things we enjoy are not always seen as gifts. For instance, I enjoy experimenting with color combinations that most people find weird, until, I pull them together. The same goes for how I experiment with recipes. One of my friends refer to me as”the mad chef” after watching me throw ingredients together while cooking. Of course these creations are always a hit. I just seem to have a knack for that somehow.
  2. I identified 30 talents, and was truly amazed that they were equally split between my two PPNs.
  3. As I was listing these gifts, that little voice asked “now, what were you pretending now to know?” I wanted to laugh out loud but contained myself, you know, the silence thing.
  4. My ability to laugh regardless of what is going on in my life is another of those gifts I did not recognize.

It has been more than a week since I came out of “silence”but I find I just don’t want to talk as much as I used to. For a yellow personality that is major. We’ll see how long it lasts. I am enjoying a deeper sense of peace and tranquility.

I would encourage everyone to do this. Your experience will be different, but it will be life changing.


Week 21: Reality

Nothing is ever as it appears to be. Particles are always shifting and changing even though we cannot see it.

We are constantly changing, either evolving higher or spiraling downwards, The change is subtle yet intrusive.

What we see as reality in one unit of time is different in the next. As we become more skillful at being detached from any outcome, we recognizes these changes more clearly.

Letting go of preconceived ideas etc. is easier said than done, but with practice it becomes more natural and the reward is the peace we have as we accept that it is okay not to be in control of everything.


Week 20: PPN Drama

Since the beginning of the course, I have been very sure about my PPNs, Liberty and Legacy, or so I thought.

A few weeks ago, I began noticing some discomfort around the Legacy PPN, but dismissed it as the old blueprint trying to sabotage the journey to my new reality.

I reached out to my guide and while waiting for her response,  decided to do a sit around it. Well, what a discovery.

During the sit, I recalled Haanel “our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance about our true interests” and Shakespeare’s “This above all, to thine own self be true …”

I realized that while the outcomes I wanted to manifest as a legacy had not changed, the need that I really needed to fill was recognition for creative expression. I saw  all the negative meanings I had attached to this need that were preventing me from being true to myself.

I released the negativity and embraced the truth that recognition can come in many ways that will allow me to leave a legacy, without cheating the “gal in the glass”


Week 19: Manifesting the Law of Growth

For several years now, I have been affirming that everything always work out in my best interest. Sometimes, that good has come packaged in very unattractive packaging and the first response is usually to reject the gift. These past few months have offered such packages to me, but I was forced to accept them.

Seven months after my water heater broke and messed up my house, I am still working through the restoration process. Insurance settlements, Hurricane Irma, a sick contractor, all played into the drama of delaying the completion.

Commodes were backing up off and on over a month and the plumbers could not find the problem. The new floors  were flooded as they were being worked on, and my arms hurt from mopping up so much water. I will spare you the details of what was showing up in the shower stall.

Thankfully, I have been a Nurse for several years and a member of a rapid response team that helps out with community cleanups, so I am use to handling messy situations. However, having this stuff show up in my shower was almost enough to push me over the edge.

Then came the emotional pain of family traumas and personal disappointments with people very close to me.

Add to that the challenge of working through the MKMMA  and Go90Grow programs while not having a quiet or clear space to work and sleeping in some very strange positions and place within the home.

Emotional, mental and physical fatigue makes it difficult at times to stay focused and as energetic as I would like to be at times.

It would have been very easy for me to quit and wait until the next time, but what if something else happened then? No, Quitting was not an option. Yes, I had to slow down at times, but I knew that if I kept moving, even slowly, I would finish the course.

And so I have continued.

Throughout all of this, I have been observing my thoughts. feelings and actions very closely. I am amazed at how detached I was from all of this. Yes, it was happening around me, but I did feel that it was happening to me.

My constant question was and still is “where is the good in this, what lessons do I need to learn?”

The answer… drum roll please…….. I am able to see how much I have grown, and to me, that’s priceless.

Others around me often remark about my patience and understanding of those who contributed to delaying the process. I accept the compliments with a “thank you” and keep smiling.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel as the project nears completion.



Week 18: We mistreat what we misdiagnose

OOPS… Thought I had posted this.

Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of malpractice lawsuits are filed against doctors who mistreat a patient because of a misdiagnosis, and we are horrified by these stories, but what about our own mistreatment.

We came into to this earth to fulfill a specific mission, but after years of being prodded, probed, squeezed, misinformed, deceived and mishandled, we no longer know who we are, so we adopt a new persona and try to live from the perspective.

In the meantime, who we really are is crying from the inside to be heard. We try to dull the sound of the cry with all kinds of stuff, that is, we misdiagnose it and the therefore mistreat it.

We then become the jury and judge in our own malpractice law suit and the sentence is a life of mediocrity, listlessness, and disappointment.

Like doctors, we are forever practicing, but let’s be sure that we are practicing perfectly to bring about perfect results.